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The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence 250ml

BDT 1,580.00 BDT 1,280.00

Valentino Valentina Eau De Perfume Gift Set for Women (3417)

BDT 8,800.00

M&S Beauty Floral Collection Rose Toiletry Bag

BDT 3,150.00

M&S Beauty Floral Collection Lavender Toiletry Bag

BDT 3,150.00

Boots Expert Skincare Cleansing Lotion + Soothing Aloe Vera For Sensitive Skin 200ml

BDT 520.00

Boots Fragrance Free Moisturising Lotion For All Skin Types 150ml

BDT 400.00

Victoria's Secret Cosmic Wish Fragrance Lotion 236ml

BDT 1,550.00

Victoria's Secret Diamond Sky Fragrance Lotion 236ml

BDT 1,550.00

Victoria's Secret Pink Desert Snow Scented Lotion 236ml

BDT 1,550.00

Victoria's Secret Secret Dreamer Fragrance Lotion 236ml

BDT 1,550.00

Bio Glow Cocoa Butter Moisturizing & Nourishing Lotion 500ml

BDT 880.00

Bio Glow Hand Cream 60ml - Olive

BDT 420.00

Bio Glow Hand Cream 60ml - Anti Aging

BDT 420.00

Nivea Extra Rich Moisturising Lotion Enriched For Dry Skin 250ml

BDT 640.00

Nivea Light Moisturising & Cleansing Lotion For Normal Skin 250ml

BDT 640.00

Nivea Body Milk Moisture Care With Olive Oil For Dry Skin 400ml

BDT 720.00

Nivea Cacao Body Oil In Lotion With Macadamia Oil 400ml

BDT 720.00

Malibu Kids High Protection Lotion 100ml - SPF 50

BDT 680.00 BDT 500.00

Malibu Ice Blue Moisturizing After Sun Gel 200ml

BDT 780.00 BDT 550.00

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring Body Lotion For Sensitive, Dry Skin 200ml

BDT 1,000.00 BDT 850.00

The Body Shop Black Musk Night Bloom Body Lotion 250ml

BDT 1,250.00 BDT 1,050.00

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Gift Set (6085)

BDT 13,800.00

Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme Gift Set

BDT 7,280.00

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Gift Set

BDT 11,700.00

Dolce & Gabbana The One Pour Femme Gift Set (7739)

BDT 9,820.00

Johnson's Baby Lotion For No Parabens 300ml (7165)

BDT 750.00

L'oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Anti Dark Spot Peeling Night Lotion -125ml

BDT 1,680.00 BDT 1,250.00

Style & Grace Glitz & Glam Pamper Me Gorgeous Gift Set (8064)

BDT 2,800.00

Style & Grace La Villa Sea Salt & Driftwood Home Spa Hamper Gift Set 11 Pieces (8224)

BDT 3,800.00

Style & Grace Bubble Boutique Slipper Gift Set (7821)

BDT 2,200.00

Style & Grace Puro Gift Of The Glow (7876)

BDT 1,800.00

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion -300ml

BDT 1,230.00 BDT 999.00

Body Collection Lavender & Sweet Pea Body Duo

BDT 2,300.00

Body Collection Lavender & Sweet Pea Slipper Set

BDT 2,300.00

Dove Rich Nourishment Cream Pot 75ml

BDT 320.00

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo Twin Pack

BDT 4,600.00 BDT 3,800.00

M&S True Red Body Lotion + Eau De Toilette Gift Set

BDT 2,920.00

Rude Oh! Wow Miracle Glow Set

BDT 2,420.00 -12% BDT 2,129.60

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks 125g

BDT 900.00

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil 300 ml

BDT 900.00 BDT 799.00

Sanex Advanced Dermo Repair Body Lotion For Skin With Minor Damages, Dry Skin 250ml

BDT 580.00

Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion For A Smooth Day 150ml

BDT 400.00

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy Heals Softens 400 ml

BDT 850.00

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash With Organic Calendula 230ml

BDT 1,600.00

Bye Bye Blemish For Acne Drying Lotion 29.5 ml

BDT 1,480.00

Dolce & Gabbana The One for Women Gift Set (7289)

BDT 11,800.00

Paris Hilton Just Me Gift Set for Women, 4 Piece

BDT 5,600.00

Versace Yellow Diamond Intense Gift Set

BDT 9,200.00

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt Limited Edition 200ml

BDT 1,350.00 BDT 1,050.00

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion with Pump Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin - 125 ml

BDT 3,750.00