1. A regimen is a systematic plan for some kind of therapy. Now you may ask, why is skincare regimen important? Proper skin care regimen is important because our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy and moist helps keep this barrier strong. The mall is here to keep your barrier stronger with the right guidance. In this section, we learn and discover the depth of products and skincare.
  2. When it comes to skin care, many people do not have the information that is needed to put together for an effective daily skin care regimen. Don’t worry, The Mall is here to help you with your skincare journey to pick the proper regimen, tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy and glowy and to enhance your beauty.

Good skin care involves more than just washing your face, but once you get past exfoliators and moisturizers, you might begin to feel a little lost. There are so many types of products out there, and there’s no way to craft the right routine for yourself if you don’t even know what these products do. The Mall is here to help to make you understand how these products and ingredients work.