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Beaute Dr. Meladoctor Aqua Whitening Moisture Cream Tea Tree 80ml

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  • High moisturizing cream containing hyaruronic acid is fresh and smooth. Moisturizing and bright skin improvements. (Tea tree)
  • It contains adenocin and niacinamide, which are two functional elements of whitening and creasing. functional cream for improved skin care (KFDA).
  • It contains Mulberry root extract and Asiatic pennywort extract and Licorice extract. Whitening Functioning Apparatus to Help improve whitening and blemishes.
  • If you rub it like a massage, you’ll see the formation of a skin barrier. You can check for drops of water containing Hyaloronic acid. functional cosmetics with moist moisture.
  • The effect of oil film skin masks to protect skin from fine dust in the air and the effect of moisturizing and bright whitening skin.
  • Made in Korea.

Follow the skin care 5-Step Regimen:

  • Step 1: Cleanse – Wash your face with a gentle Cleanser/Facewash accordingly to your skin type.
  • Step 2: Tone- Toner Helps to calmed and balanced skin pH after cleansing.
  • Step 3: Treat – Serum/Facial Oil/Essence contain useful nutrients — for your skin.
  • Step 4: Moisturize – Beaute Aqua Whitening Moisture Cream Tea tree
  • Take an appropriate amount of this product, apply it evenly over the face, and pat lightly for absorption.
  • Step 5: Sun Care – Apply Sunscreen to protect skin from UV Ray (Day time only)

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