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Durex Play 2 in 1 Massage Lube With Aloe Vera 200ml

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  • Gentle water-based massage lube.
  • Soothing formula with Aloe Vera.
  • Free from any added fragrances.
  • Now good for you and the planet with a bottle that is made with 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable.
  • Smooth, silky and gentle enough to be used all over the body.
  • Suitable for use with condoms.
  • Imported from UK.
  • Durex Massage 2 in 1 has a water-based formula and is made with Aloe Vera for a soothing massage experience.
  • Gentle enough for all over the body as well as oral.
  • Vaginal and anal sex for when you want to start with a slow and soothing massage but may be inspired to a bit more afterwards.
  • Sex toy compatible and fine to use with natural rubber latex & polyisoprene condoms only.

How to use:

  • Take off the cap and just squeeze gently and smoothing the lube onto your intimate areas and all over your body.
  • And when you need more, just help yourself.
  • You can use Play Sensual Massage 2 in 1 with all Durex condoms
  • Just smooth over the outside of the condom when it’s already on.
  • Please remember though, it’s not a contraceptive and it doesn’t contain spermicide.
  • Play Sensual Massage 2 in 1 is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral sex.
  • Play lubricants may slow sperm down, so if you’re trying to have a baby, talk to your doctor before use.

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