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Eid Pet Bundle 4

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  • Pet Protection Cover - 6 (20198).
  • Ctlang Spiral Cat Tunnel Puzzle Toy (20224).

Pet Protection Cover - 6 (20198)

  • This pet protection cover made of imported flexible plastic is safe, strong and of novel design.
  • With cotton flannel as the edge.
  • It will never hurt the pet.
  • The joint parts employ fastening tape, resulting in ease of use and ning for pets of various size.
  • This cover is designed to prevent the pet from biting its own wound.
  • While the wound get itchy after operation.
  • Protect the pet during the process of skin illness beauty treatment of medical operaiton.
  • Made in P.R.C.

Ctlang Spiral Cat Tunnel Puzzle Toy (20224)

  • The design of three spacious passages and the design of bells on the side of the middle opening give your pet several play options.
  • It is an indoor toy that your pet deserves.
  • Foldable storage design, the product can be bundled by the provided straps.
  • Which does not take up space and is convenient for travel and carrying.
  • Polyester fabric material design, not easy to scratch, sturdy spring steel frame, with protective end,can play hide and seek game.
  • A pet toy that is convenient for the owner and pets to interact. When you are not at home, the small animals can also play by themselves.
  • Made in China.

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