Modesa Mini Manicure Kit

  • Modesa Mini Manicure Kit 5 Pieces Manicure Set 5 Tools.
  • Contains 5 tools + convenient storage bag.
  • It is recommended that the nails be pre-moistened before cutting to soften and facilitate cutting, for smoother edges and with the best result.
  • Use the nail clipper by cutting the nail in an oval shape, use the cuticle pusher with a soft rubber tip, pushing back the cuticles.
  • Use the cuticle remover by carefully moving and removing cuticles around the edge of the cuticle.
  • Place the sapphire file under the edge of the nail at an angle and file in one direction only. Nails should always be trimmed when dry to achieve smooth edges.
  • The 4-step file is color-coded for easy use. 1- Pink - for smoothing, 2 - purple for smoothing, 3 - blue - polishing, 4 green - for shine
  • Keep out of the reach of children. 
  • Imported from UK.
  • Made in China.
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