Bodyform Goodnight Ultra + Large with Wings Pads - 10 Pads

Bodyform Goodnight Ultra+Large Wings Pads have unique self-sealing edges on all sides.

Our unique curve-hugging shape combined with anti-leakage side barriers give you extra protection, so you can wake up fresh and without any surprises.

Its wider front and back provide the coverage you need while sleeping, even if you toss and turn.

Bodyform Goodnight Ultra+Large Wings Pads include combining two pieces of unique technology from Bodyform:

  • SecureFit – Ensuring towels fit your body shape to prevent leaks

  • AirTech – An ultra-breathable top layer designed to offer a feeling of freshness .

  • The new DryFast technology and softer core instantly absorb the liquid, leaving you feeling fresh and confident.

Made in Slovakia.

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