Bibado Dawn The Dinosaur Multi-Sensory Teether 3M+ (1897)
৳ 1480

  • Full of sensory features to explore.
  • Gentle and kind to sore little gums.
  • Strengthens mouth muscles for successful feeding.
  • Perfectly designed for little hands.
  • Promotes mouth muscle development and thus preparing little ones for eating solids: The head strengthens muscles used for safe swallowing, The textured leaf supports the front of mouth muscle development (nibbling), Tail promotes essential tongue movement, The feet are for the back of the mouth to develop those molar chewing movements.
  • Dawn’s tail shares the same shape and design as our award-winning Dippit. The ‘honey dipper’ provides an interesting shape for babies to explore with their tongue - coordinating key movements needed to move food around their mouths. It's also great for chomping down on with their back molars. Dawn can also be used to try smooth foods before cutlery.
  • Dawn’s textured features can also be use to offer relief during the various stages of teething discomfort.
  • Safe for Baby. Dawn is made from premium, BPA-free, food-grade silicone.
  • Suitable from 3 months+
  • Made in China.



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