Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Fluoride Toothpaste 100ml - Pump
৳ 750

  • Introducing the Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste Pump 100ml, a dental essential for all ages.
  • Designed to guard against cavities, it ensures a healthy smile for every family member.
  • With its effectiveness supported by extensive research, the toothpaste delivers comprehensive cavity protection and fosters overall oral health.
  • Perfect for everyday use, it stands as a reliable option for keeping teeth and gums robust.
  • Made in Poland.

Key features:

  • Advanced formula for cavity protection.
  • Contains fluoride to strengthen enamel.
  • Pump dispenser for ease of use.
  • Fresh mint flavor ensures lasting freshness.
  • Appropriate for all family members.
  • Renowned brand with a long history in oral care.


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