Guerniss Anti Melasma Facial Toner 150ml
৳ 1870

  • Anti Melasma Facial Toner is another amazing product of our melasma series.
  • We commonly use toner after washing our face with a face wash and before serum or moisturiser.
  • Toner is a in-between skincare step.
  • Facial toner is a type of liquid which includes some ingredient that helps to balance the pH of the skin, and can also minimise the appearance of the pores.
  • Toner helps to keep skin clean and fresh and it sometimes offers extra hydration.
  • Toners temporarily tightens the skin and makes the skin look more radiant.
  • Made in Hong Kong.


  • Balances your skin after cleansing
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Helps remove oil and makeup
  • Refreshes your skin
  • Soothes your skin

How To Use:

  • Cleanse your face perfectly with Guerniss Anti Melasma Foaming Cleanser and then let your face dry.
  • Use a cotton pad to take a few drops of melasma toner.
  • Gently rub onto the face.
  • Let it dry again to complete the process.
  • Use this toner twice a day to attain optimum results.


Aqua/water, propylene glycol, pentylene glycol, vitamin C,methyl paraben, disodium edta, arctium lappa extract/arctium lappa root extract, calendula officinalis extract/calendula officinalis flower extract, hydrolyzed corn starch, allantoin, hedera helix extract ivy leaf/stem extract, althaea officinalis/althaea officinalis root extract.



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