Guerniss Paris Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge Pear - Deep Pink
৳ 760

  • Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge is normally a tear-dropped shaped sponge which is designed to blend the cream or liquid based makeup products smoothly and evenly on the face. 
  • Though beauty blender is a registered name but a lot of the company calls this product beauty blender.
  • The shape of the beauty blender is designed and made in some particular shapes to reach every contour and curve of the face.
  • Made in France.

Usage of beauty blender makeup sponge:

  • Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge is an exclusive water activated foam, That soaks water and increases almost double size and gets softer.
  • Should squeeze the water before using the product.
  • When it is wet it doesn’t absorb any product so your foundation doesn’t get wasted.
  • And you can get the maximum usage of the product.
  • Most makeup artists claim that a beauty blender gives more natural looking finish than brush.
  • It also gives a poreless and flawless finish.
  • You should always clean your beauty blender after every use to avoid dirt and grime.
  • Makeup Sponge can be different in size.
  • The smaller ones are for the under eyes, the bigger ones are for the rest of the face.

There are different shapes of Beauty Blenders:

  • Sphere Shaped
  • Wedge Shaped Pretty Puff 
  • Silicone Makeup Sponge
  • Microfiber Makeup Sponge

How To Use:

After skincare, when it’s time to apply foundation, BB Cream or contour kit, use this sponge to perfect the Makeup base properly.

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