Guerniss Soft Burnt Matte Makeup Holding Lipstick 3g - G102
৳ 1450

  • Matte lipstick: This type of product gives a non-shiny or non-glossy texture. 
  • Softness: It is soft and gentle in quality. Thus not making it harsh or overly bold.
  • Burnt: Here it refers to the earthy, warm tones reminiscent of burnt sienna.
  • Color and finish: It provides earthy and warm tones. And with its matte finish, you get a tone reminiscent of burnt sienna.
  • Long Lasting: This lipstick is long-lasting, making hourly touchups unnecessary.
  • Comfortable Wear: Unlike traditional matte lipsticks that can be dry or uncomfortable on the lips, our soft burnt lipstick has a more hydrating or comfortable formula. Making it sure you can wear them for a long period of time without any excessive dryness.
  • Versatility: While our soft burnt lipstick suggests an autumnal feeling, it can be used for various occasions all year round.  
  • Expression: And like any other lipstick, our lipstick will allow you to express your personal style with the most astonishing look.



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