Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming With Aloe Leaf & Chamomile 98ml
৳ 1250 ৳ 950

  • Instantly glowing skin is finally within reach with the Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Calming face spray.
  • When skin feels dull or moody, tell it to chill with the hydrating benefits of an Aloe Leaf, Chamomile and Vitamin B3 mist.
  • Every cloudlike mist instantly quenches and restores, leaving your face looking radiant and makeup looking refreshed.
  • With Olay Mists in your skin care routine, formulated with botanical ingredients and fresh fragrances.
  • you’ll do more than hydrate—you’ll transport your senses and your mind.
  • Absorbs quickly and refreshes makeup.
  • Leaves skin with a visibly healthy glow.
  • Imported from UK.

  • Mist In The Morning: Calms dry, tight skin for a full day ahead.
  • Spritz In The Afternoon: Enjoy a moment all to yourself with a quick mist to hydrate & relax.
  • Spray In The Evening: Calms skin from a hectic day & preps skin for a restful night’s sleep.


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