Spring Rat Sisal Cat Scratcher (20235)
৳ 880

  • Assorted colour will be delivered.
  • Product weight: 400g.
  • specifications: the diameter of the chassis is 20cm, and the total height is about 25cm.
  • Material: wood + sisal.
  • Product category: cat toys.
  • The little mouse is fluffy and has a long feathered tail.
  • Made in P.R.C.

  • Cats who love the new and hate the old, your welfare is here!
  • Are you still annoyed by the idle cat scratching the sofa and the bed cabinet.
  • Now that we have our cat scratching board, can the cat still stop? Act quickly.
  • Our scratcher board is composed of a bottom plate and a main rod.
  • The bottom plate is woven with sisal rope. The main rod is white and colored mice.
  • The main pole is detachable, simple and convenient.
  • Don’t know if you don’t play, you can’t stop playing.
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