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Mofa MeiRen Full Nail Stickers - QF 0387

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  • Fashion beauty nail stickers with golden print.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for home DIY used, nail artist, wedding, party, shopping, travel, professional manicure etc.
  • Can be used any nails, such as hand, toes, even if false nails.
  • It not only protects your nails, but also looks very cool.
  • long-lasting.
  • Color: Black, Brown.
  • Quantity: 14 Tips/Sheet.
  • Made in China. 

How To Use: 

  • The first step is to clean your hands, trim your nails, and then smooth the edges of your nails. A flat and beautiful manicure can only be laid by doing basic manicure work.
  • If you have applied the nail polish before, please use the nail polish remover to remove the nail polish on the surface.
  • Apply a layer of nail polish to protect your nails from glue and prevent them from turning yellow. In addition, it also improves the adhesion of nail stickers and makes nail stickers last longer.
  • Please compare the nail stickers with your nails to see if they are suitable, if they are too large, you can trim them properly!
  • Set the hair dryer to hot air to blow the nail stickers for about 10 seconds to melt the glue on the nail stickers and increase the adhesion of the nail stickers.
  • Put the nail sticker on the nail, pinch the ends of the nail sticker and paste it slowly.
  • Smooth the nail sticker and push from the middle to the sides to make it smooth and flat.
  • Trim excess length carefully along the shape of the nail edge, not from the sides.
  • Use the nail tool to smooth the edges of your nails for a perfect manicure.
  • Finally, apply a layer of oil to make the nail last longer.

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