Bar Keepers Friend The Original & Best Multi-Surface Cleaner & Stain Remover 250g

  • The multi-surface cleaner cleanses, restores & polishes.
  • You can use Bar Keepers Friend on:
  • Work surfaces: to clean and remove stains caused by Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Felt Tip etc.
  • Ceramic, stainless steel sinks & basins: to remove Dirt, Stains, Soap Scum and Limescale. stains.
  • China & Glassware: to remove tea & coffeestains.
  • Cookers: to clean ceramic hobs and glass oven doors.
  • Cookware: to remove baked-on food and rust.
  • Chrome, Plastic, Formica, Tiles, Grout, Copper & Brass.
  • Made in the UK.
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