Burberry Brit Eau De Parfum Roll On - 7.5ml

  • Burberry Brit is a soft velvety fragrance especially suitable for fall when it can gently caress and warm you. Just like Britain, the inspiration for this luxurious perfume, this fragrance is an amalgamation of classic and modern.
  • Just like every woman, Brit is complicated but ingenious, always full of surprises and ever ready to capture your interest. The luxurious fragrance Brit symbolizes playfulness and lovableness.
  • Brit by Burberry perfume is therefore suitable for any woman or young lady who is unpredictable, spontaneous and eager to enjoy life, the type who can maintain a sense of humor even in the fall sleet.     
  • Like other Burberry fragrances, Brit is suitable for any occasion. It will make you smile at work, while shopping, or at a party. Brit perfume also makes an excellent gift.
  • Made in Germany.
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