Benefits of Body Butter

Some of the simplest body butters for the skin, is Shea butter which sources from the African Shea angiosperms tree. Shea butter contains a high freezing absorbability which relates to skin temperature and absorbs freezing temperature when in contact with the skin.

Cocoa Butter comes from cocoa seed and contains a nice chocolaty scent and lavish texture.

Mango butter comes from mango seeds mixed in nurturing antioxidant and contains a very little amount of an oily texture, it gives a pleasant glow on the skin which is not so visible, because the first 2 butters are comparatively less dense.

Body butters square measure is habituated in hydrating your skin, and also the best time to use body butter is after shower when your skin is moist. Body butters facilitate properly in your wet skin. If you apply the butters on to dry skin they will not absorb properly, and will sit on surface of the skin.



Generally we have a tendency to rub or spread cream/lotion on our skin which is either helpful or harmful. So, it’s necessary to understand what's within the range of square measure exploitation of our skin. Many ancient lotions or creams contain a compound called “Parabens” that results to feminine cancers like breast cancer and sex gland etcetera.

What is “Parabens”?

Parabens are used as preservatives in pharmaceutical and cosmetic commodities. Natural body butters contain only natural ingredients. Body butters is helpful for the skin because they contain moisturizers from the nut oils. Once applied on the skin, this increases the longevity of moisturizer in your skin than any lotion, and since most lotions contain water, body butters solely contain butter(s) used and skin friendly oils.


Body butters provides a layer of light moist texture which protects your skin from external affects. Our skin already contains a natural barrier but environmental effect of dry air, sun, cold and also weather damages our skin. Again, body butters provides an extra protection layer on our skin for those external affects.


Skin Alimentary Vitamins

All body butters have essential omega three fats that enrich our skin and body. Omega three fats prevents skin inflammation. “Shea” is one of the additional common body butters and contain vitamins A, E, and F. Shea butter has been used for years to boost hair and skin immunity. The natural vitamins and fatty acids found in shea butter, is a combined source of butter which results to alimentary and hydrating of your skin. Shea butter helps the skin’s natural “scleroprotein” production. Attributable to the various acids (Oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linolenic) that protects and nourish your skin and prevents from drying.


Softer Skin

After regular using of body butters, you will feel the change of gradually your skins softness and smoothness. The cream relieves dry, cracked skin and develops healthier skin and it is very helpful for individuals with problematic skin conditions like dry skin or skin diseases. Those who suffer from skin problem don't have the up to mark “pH value” balance in their skin thus amounting to wet and cracked skin.



Natural body butters is less costly than others. You may notice all kinds of body butters in stores and online sites. Shea butter tends to be expensive because it comes from precious sources. However, it is still found at reasonable prices