Common Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse

Common Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse

 Skincare is essential for all of us.  Even though we are all aware of daily skincare routine, and the hygiene factors, we still tend to make few silly mistakes that might cause acne or might damage our skin.

Foremost, we must understand the type of skin we have and take care of them accordingly rather just attacking them. Our skin is smart enough to understand where we go wrong. So, instead of absorbing what we feed them, when we go wrong our skin immediately reacts to it. All our skin need is basic hydration and proper care for it to function properly.

Are you making this skincare mistake?
These are the most common mistake that we make without even knowing:

1: cleansing your face in aggressive manner

This includes washing and cleansing your skin for too long at the same time using harsh cleanser. We think the more we wash our face and cleanse the more bacteria we are getting rid of. But this is where you go wrong, cleansing your face for a longer period can take away all the essential nutrients from your skin. You are actually disrupting and damaging the skin barrier. 

Using cleanser is actually good because it can remove all the dead cell, impurities but overdoing is actually harmful for your skin.

2: Being abusive with your skin

Even though it might feel instantly gratifying using cotton pads and wipes. But overusing cotton pads, makeup wipes, and also rubbing towel aggressively can really hurt your skin. If you have to use cotton pads, be as gentle as possible. Also, if you can, skip towel drying!

Always make sure you do not rub harshly anything on your skin. Even if you use toner make sure to take good amount of toner on to your cotton pads, make sure the cotton pad is soggy enough.  Also, trying choosing cotton pads which look simpler and smoother.

3: leaving cleanser on your skin

We have this big misconception; we think that after using cleanser to remove makeup leaving it like that is fine. But this is where we go wrong, wash it off gently with lukewarm water.

4: Treating all our facial area equally

Differentiating areas of your skin is what you really need to do. Sometime we treat all of our facial area the same way. Like; our t-zone, cheek and forehead may not be the same but we tend to treat it the same way. Especially when we apply mask, we apply one particular mask all over our face that’s what we should not do.  

5: Using full range of acne products one at a time

This is one big mistake we tend to make, people who especially tend to have acne skin type they tend to use all acne related products. Which is absolutely wrong. Never ever use too much of active ingredients your skin might react.

6. changing products

Once we start using any product, we should provide some time for it to accept it. It takes time for our skin to accept new chemicals in to our skin. So, rather than using one particular product for less than a week we should give it some time.


It does not really matter what skin type you are but moisturization is essential. Moisturization is not only for normal or dry- very skin, all skin types people should use it even the oily- combination skin type. Using moisturizing does not make your skin oilier rather it smoothens the area.

 8. Changing pillow cases

It really matters where we sleep. Our pillow case contains tons of bacteria so do not use one pillow cases for a longer period rather change is after a week.